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Local 43 is an organization consisting of 1200+ members and has been in existence for 115+ years. At IBEW Local 43, we supply skilled electricians to signatory electrical contractors in the Central New York area. The pride and workmanship of Local 43 is evident in just about every project in our jurisdiction.

A Commitment to Productivity, Profit & Value


  • Reduced Industrial Insurance Costs
  • One-Stop-Shop for employee benefits
  • Improved cash flow – benefits reported in month following hours worked
  • Reduced Benefit Administration Costs
  • Substance abuse program (Drug Free Workforce)
  • Participation in safety programs
  • Manpower Flexibility
  • No cost hiring hall
  • Ability to increase and decrease staffing levels as necessary
  • Reduced Training Costs


  • Highly Trained Workforce
  • Skilled supervision
  • Fully qualified journeymen wiremen
  • Trained apprentices
  • Foreman and Supervisory Training
  • Foreman training class - scheduling - sexual harassment - material cost - drugs and alcohol
  • Estimating and business classes
  • Higher Employee Retention
  • Access to health care
  • Retirement benefits breed loyalty in employees
  • Safer employees and working environment


  • Access to established advertising and marketing programs
  • Expanded market opportunities
  • Access to state of the art training in new markets
    • photo-voltaic
    • distributed audio/video
    • smart homes
  • Ease of Growth
    • Less administrative time and more time procuring work
    • Access to skilled labor pool
    • Access to new markets

Key Benefits


A virtually unlimited supply of trained and skilled electricians is literally just a phone call away. When you have an abundance of work you simply call the union hall and request the number of employees needed. When work is slow, you simply send your excess employees back to the union hall.


Our apprentice electricians serve in a New York State approved five-year program. They receive on the job training, as well as 185 hours of classroom/lab instruction per year in all aspects of the electrical trade. The training program also provides training to all classifications of electricians as well as upgrade courses in new codes and technologies. The result is an employee who is well trained in all aspects of the electrical construction industry.


With a collective bargaining agreement you will have the peace of mind in knowing exactly what your labor costs will be from year to year for a specified period of time. Collective bargaining agreements are typically three years in length, and are negotiated between union and employer representatives.


Our members are trained in OSHA 10, First Aid & C.P.R., and various other electrical safety related programs. This training is provided at no cost to you, so our members are ready to work as soon as they hit the job-site.

Workforce Quality:

Our members are participants in the “Code of Excellence Program”. This innovative new program ensures that you are 100% satisfied with the union electricians on your job-sites.

Q & A

  • If I sign a contract with the union will I be giving up my rights to run my company?
  • No. Local 43 does not run your business. We simply supply you with manpower wherever and whenever you need it.

  • What happens to my current employees if I were to sign a contract with the union?
  • All of your employees will be offered union membership regardless of their individual skill level. Local 43 will work with you to determine what the appropriate classification is for each employee.

  • What about my present jobs that were not bid based on union wages and benefits?
  • All of the jobs that you bid prior to becoming a signatory contractor will be listed in our agreement. You will be able to finish these jobs at the wage rate used at bidding, using your current workforce. Only work bid after the signing date must be performed at the union wage scale.

  • Is it true that when a project is completed I have to lay off the employees on that job, and send them back to the union hall?
  • In almost every case it is your choice to either lay an employee off, or transfer them to another job-site.

  • Who determines the individuals that will oversee my projects as foremen?
  • You choose your foremen and where they will work.

  • How can the union help my company with the problem of rising health care premiums?
  • All contractors signed with Local 43 contribute to the same medical fund. This allows for a better “group rate”. Also, the premium is based on “hours worked” so you only pay for your employees, and only for the hours they work.

  • Can I purchase medical insurance for office staff and myself through the same fund as the union?
  • Yes. Owners and office staff are eligible for the same medical insurance that the union members enjoy.

  • I have had problems in the past finding qualified electricians, how can the union’s referral hall help fill my manpower needs?
  • When your workload is great, trained and skilled employees are just a phone call away. If your workload decreases and you need to layoff, you send the employees back to the local union where they sign the out of work list, allowing them to go to work for another signatory contractor.
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